Peter Tosh
Children Of The Ghetto
Peter Tosh - Children Of The Ghetto - Discography - Peter Tosh 1978-1987

Album : Peter Tosh 1978-1987
EMI Records
Reference catalog : 5099964417622

Album Tracklist :

CD 1 :

Bush Doctor Album (Side One)

01-dont look back
02-pick myself up
03-the toughest
04-soon come
05-moses the prophet

Bush Doctor Album (Side One)

06-bush doctor
07-stand firm
08-dem ha fe get a beatin

Mystic Man Album (Side One)

10-mystic man
11-recruiting soldiers
12-cant you see
13-jah say no
14-fight on

CD 2 :

Mystic Man Album (Side two)

01-buk in hamm palace
02-the day the dollar die
03-crystall ball
04-rumors of war

Wanted Dread And Alive (Side One)

05-coming in hot
06-nothing but love
08-rok with me
09-oh bumbo klaat

Wanted Dread And Alive (Side two)

10-wanted dread and alive
11-rastafari is
12-guide me from my friends
13-fools die

CD 3 :

Mama Africa (side One)

01-mama africa
02-glass house
03-not gonna give it up
04-stop that train

Mama Africa (side two)

05-johnny b. goode
06-where you gonna run
07-peace treaty
08-feel no way
09-maga dog

No Nuclear War (side One)

10-no nuclear war
11-nah goa jail
12-fight apartheid

CD 4 :

No Nuclear War (side two)

01-in my song
02-lessons in my life
04-come together

Captured Live (Side One)

05-coming in hot
06-bush doctor
08-get up stand up

Captured Live (Side two)

09-johnny b goode
10-equal rights
11-rastafari is

CD 5 : Alternative Versions

01-soon come (long version)
02-the toughest (long version)
03-bush doctor (long version)
04-dont look back (version)
05-buk in hamm palace (12" mix)
06-dubbing buk in hamm
07-the poor man feel it
08-cold blood
09-that's what they will do
10-nothing but love (long version)
11-johnny b goode (long version)
12-where you gonna run (long version)
13-mama africa (7" version)
14-no nuclear war (single version)

CD 6 - Live Dominion Theater 1983-10-23 :

01- african
02- coming in hot
03- not gonna give it up
04- where you gonna run
05- dont look back
06- glass house
07- can't blame the youth
08- johnny b. goode
09- get up , stand up
10- mama africa

Additional Informations And Comments :

- CD 6 being Peter Tosh & Word Sound And Power, Live DOminion Theater 1983-10-23.

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