Peter Tosh
Children Of The Ghetto
Peter Tosh - Children Of The Ghetto - Discography - Iam That Iam

Album : Iam That Iam
JAd Anansi Records
Reference catalog : Jad CD 1012
Original Recordings Produced Danny Sims, Roger 'Rojah' Steffens

Album Tracklist :

01-iam that iam 3:41
02-his start in music, meeting Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer 3:04
03-fire fire 3:07
04-herb smoking 2:15
05-pick myself up 2:18
06-humiliations 1:07
07-cant your see instrumental 1:27
08-stop that train 4:25
09-his philosophy 1:27
10-fools die 3:13
11-reincarnation and rasta culture 1:50
12-jah guide 3:49
13-blacks in chicago 0:42
14-cant you see 3:01
15-black abilities, teaching Marley music 1:32
16-handsome johnny 2:28
17-bumbaclot defined 1:22
18-instrumental 1:17
19-herb as healing of the nation 1:20
20-dont wanna get busted 2:25
21-post one love concert beating 3:56
22-legalize it 4:04
23-his futur in africa ? plots on his life 1:27
24-get up stand up 3:19
25-police beating while writing mark of the beast 5:30

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