Peter Tosh
Children Of The Ghetto
Peter Tosh - 2008 - Kazo's Peter Tosh Black Vinyl Part 01-06

Date : 2008
Demos, Unreleased : Kazo's Peter Tosh Black Vinyl Part 01-06
Source : Vinyls
Songs : Part 01: 18 | Part 02 : 27 | Part 03 : 22 | Part 04 : 21 | Part 05 : 13 | Part 06 : 15
Lossless : Not All
Lineage : Vinyls
Lenght : P01 : 49:38 mn | P02 : 75:45 mn | P03 : 75:57 mn | P04 : 74:53 mn | P05 : 59:05 mn | P06 : 64:56 mn

Informations About The Setlist :

Part 01 : 1967-1971

01-1A:OliveBlossom WOS-10 -Simpleton 2:46
02-2A:Randy's RCII-3-12-You Can't Fool Me Again 2:37
03-2B:Randy's RCII-3-13-You Can't Fool Me Again
(Straight To Rag-Jah Rabbit Head) 2:43
05-3B:Randy's eBay -Whistling Jane (excerpt) 1:37
06-4A:Randy's TORR -Man Greatest Adventure (Apollo 11) 3:04
07-5A:Randy's TA-EPT-5-Stick Up (Full) 2:52
08-5B:Randy's TA-EPT-4-Little Green Apples (full) 2:40
09-6B:Randy's TA-EPT-3-Green Duck 2:24
10-7A:Striker Lee JR4-2 -Somebody To Love (Slim Smith) 2:32
11-7B:Striker Lee JR4-3 -The Crimson Pirate 2:24
12-8A:Trans Am AsT2-16 -Oppressor Man (full) 4:06
13-8B:Trans Am AsT2-17 -Oppressor Dub 3:55

Bonus Tracks :

14-X1:OliveBlossom FR1-2 -Don't Deceive Me 2:44
15-X2:Randy's SSK -30-60-90 (Jackie Mittoo) 3:29
16-X3:Randy's FR2-17 -Warfare 3:08
17-X4:Randy's SSK -Pepper Pot 2:19
18-X5:? DK3-25 -I've Got To Go Back Home (Version) 2:52

Additional Informations And Comments :

Available on CD mix: 2A,2B(very rare),5B(shorter),8A(shorter),8B
Unissued edits:7B
Never issued:1A,3A,3B,4A,5A,6B,X1,X2,X3,X4,X5
Status unknown:7A

Corrected speed:none
Noise reduction:none
Mono Mix:5A,5B,6B,7A,7B,8A,8B,X1,X2,X5

Part 02 : 1971

01-10A:Press.Beat PSC -Maga Dog 2:47
02-10B:Press.Beat BSC -Bull Dog (3rd & 4th Generation) 2:45
03-12A:Jogibs DVDr -Rudie's Melody 3:24
04-12B:Jogibs DVDr -Rude Boy Version 3:24
05-13A:Joe Gibbs SSK -Them A Fi Get A Beaten 1:57
06-13B:Joe Gibs PSC -Get A Beaten 2:04
07-14A:Jogibs DVDr -White Liver Mabel (Mr X & Sweetie) 2:04
08-14B:Jogibs DVDr -Reuben (Winston Wright & Larry McDonald) 2:45
09-15A:Blank PSC -Black Dignity (excerpt) 0:46
10-15B:Blank PSC -Weed Weed Dat (excerpt) 0:45
11-16A:Shock DVDr -Here Comes The Judge 3:26
12-16B:Shock RCII-4-2-Rebelution (Winston Wright) 3:20
13-16C:Shock RC13-18 -Ah-So (The Destroyers) 3:18
14-16D:Shock RC13-19 -If Ah-So (The Destroyers) 3:17
15-17A:Joe Gibbs DK-01 -Leave My Business 3:25
16-17B:Joe Gibbs DK-02 -Business Man 3:17
17-18A:Joe Gibbs RTK-12a -Arise Blackman 2:35
18-18B:Joe Gibbs WOS-08 -Man Dub (Arise Blackman Version) 2:36
19-19B:High School WOS-14 -We Can Make It Uptight (full) 2:55
20-21A:Tuff Gong PSC -Once Bitten 3:06
21-21B:Tuff Gong RCII-3-23-Once Bitten (Version) 2:52
22-22A:Tuff Gong PSC -Lion 3:30
23-22B:Tuff Gong PSC -Lion (Version) 3:06
24-23B:Tuff Gong RCII-4-3-Here Comes The Sun (Version) 3:13
25-24A:Impact RCII-3-21-A Little Love Version 4 2:40
26-24B:Impact RCII-3-20-Mary Lou (A Little Love Version 3) 2:30

Bonus Track

27-X16B:Joe Gibbs Trade -Judgement (Joe Gibbs & The Professionnals) 3:47

Additional Informations And Comments :

12A/B: here is slower rhythm than on CD.
16A/D: UK 10"
19B: has few more seconds at the end than the official release on CD. A-side was We Can Make It by Pat Satchmo
24A: a.k.a. A Little Melodica
24B: (Dr Alimentado)
X16B: B-side of JA 7" (Here Comes The Judge)

1971:10A to 24B, X16B

All tracks unissued on this form
Available on CD mix:10A,12A,12B,13A,13B,14A,15A,16A,16B,16C,17A,18A,19B,21A,22A,24A

Unissued edits:
Never issued:10B,14B,15B,16D,17B,18B,21B,22B,23B,24B,X16B

Corrected speed:none
Noise reduction:18A (slight)
Mono Mix:10A,10B,12A,12B,13A,13B,14A,14B,16A,16B,16C,16D,17A,17B,21A,21B,22A,22B,23B

Part 03 : 1972-1974

01-01A:Intel-Diplo PSC- Can't Blame The Youth 3:12
02-01B:Intel-Diplo PSC- You Can't Blame The Dub (Version) 3:09
03-02A:Intel-Diplo WOS-11- No Mercy 3:42
04-02B:Intel-Diplo WOS-12- No Mercy (Version) 3:33
05-03A:Intel-Diplo PSC- Mark Of The Beast 3:09
06-03B:Intel-Diplo PSC- Mark Of The Beast (Version) 3:07
07-04A:Moodisc TA-EPT-13- It May Sound Silly (I Roy) 3:02
08-04B:Moodisc AsT2-23 - Wellbread 3:02
09-05A:Intel-Diplo PSC- What You Gonna Do 2:24
10-05B:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-7- What You Gonna Do (Version) 2:24
11-06A:Intel-Diplo RCII-2-3- Burial 3:48
12-06B:Intel-Diplo JMR4-9- Burial (Version 1) 3:57
13-06C:Intel-Diplo VR2-12 - Burial (Version 2) 4:05
14-07A:Intel-Diplo PSC - Ketchy Shuby 3:24 15-07B:Intel-Diplo PSC - Iration (Ketchy Shuby Instrumental) 3:06
16-08A:Intel-Diplo DVDr - Brand New Second Hand 3:37
17-08B:Intel-Diplo WOS-09 - Brand New Second Hand Version 3:28

Bonus Tracks:

18-X1: DK4-6 - Burial (additional guitar) 3:56
19-X2:Intel-Diplo DK5-05 - Brand New Second Dub 4:14
20-X3:Rockers Intl RCII-4-9- Crucial Burial (Augustus Pablo) 5:25
21-X4C: SSK-08 - It May Sound Silly (John Holt) 3:02
22-X4D: TA-EPT-14 - It May Sound Silly (Version) 3:01

Additional Informations And Comments :

04A: is I Roy, DJ over John Holt's tune
04B: has Peter on melodica
04A: I Roy over a John Holt's song
04B: Not to be confused with It May Sound Silly Version, with no melodica as Peter is not involved
06C: was an alternate B-side, almost fully instrumental
X1: alternate mix with additional guitar
X2: a longer version than 08B, alas with a poor sound, however it is a true rarity
X3: by Augustus Pablo, recorded circa 1984
X4C/D: given as a curiosity as Peter is not involved at all
1972:01A to 02B
1973:03B to 06C,X1,X4,X4D
1974:07A to 08B,X2
All tracks unissued on this form

Available on CD mix:01A,02A,03A,05A,06A,X4C
Unissued edits:07A,08A
Never issued:01B,02B,03B,04A,04B,05B,06B,06C,07B,08B,X1,X2,X3,X4D
Corrected speed:none
Noise reduction:none
Mono Mix:01A,01B,02A,02B,03A,03B,04A,05A,05B,06A,06B,07A,07B,08A,X2,X4D

Part 04 : 1975-1977

01-09A:JahGuidance TA-EPT-6 - Field Marshall 2:57
02-09B:JahGuidance TA-EPT-7 - No Partial 2:35
03-10A:Intel-Diplo PSC - Legalize It 4:28
04-10B:Intel-Diplo PSC - Legalize It Version 4:25
05-11A:Blank RCII-4-JMR2- Jah Man Inna Jamdown 4:01
06-12A:Intel-Diplo PSC- Hammer 3:37
07-12B:Intel-Diplo PSC - Can't Blame The Youth (slow) 4:04
08-13A:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-08- Vampire 3:09
09-13B:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-11- Dracula 3:15
10-14A:Intel-Diplo PSC- Babylon Queendom (mix 1) 3:40
11-14B:Intel-Diplo PSC - Iration (mix 1) 3:06
12-15A:Intel-Diplo PSC- Babylon Queendom (mix 2) 3:29
13-15B:Intel-Diplo PSC - Iration (mix 2) 3:27
14-16A:Intel-Diplo RCII-1-21 - Babylon Queendom (mix 3) 3:29
15-16B:Intel-Diplo RCII-1-22- Iration (mix 3) 3:26
16-17A:Intel-Diplo PSC- African (single) 3:29
17-17B:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-13- African (Version) 3:22

Bonus Tracks:

18-X1: DVDr - Vampire (alternate) 3:20
19-X2 DVDr - Vampire dub 3:24
20-X1: WRS-13 - Babylon Queendom version 3:01
21-X2:Intel-Diplo JA LP-1 -Get Up Stand Up (full) 5:00

Additional Informations And Comments :

9A: with Bob Marley on guitar 11A: uses of a blank plate at 3:39 to complete the end. Was issued on a blank 7' with 12A on b-side.
12A/12B: not issued before 1980
14A/14B: Intel-Diplo PT 3011-A/B animal noise at 0,05 - 0,09. It also a mix on 3:07 of 14A
15A/15B: Intel-Diplo DSR 3118-A/3119-B more animal noise at 0,05 - 0,14
16A/16B: Intel-Diplo PT 3127/3128 no animal noise.
X1/X2: alternate with much more vampire noise. Possibly a 7'
X3: a dub cover by The Soul Syndicate
X4: from early JA LP, longer than common LP/CD (3:29 only), contains a censored sentence "Don't be no nigger now"

1975:9A to 10B
1976:11A to 16B,X1 to X3
1977:17A to 17B, X4
All tracks unissued on this form
Available on CD mix:X2
Unissued edits:10A,13B,17A

Never issued:9A,9B,10B,11A,12A,12B,13A,14A,14B,15A,15B,16A,16B,17B,X1,X3,X4
Corrected speed:none
Noise reduction:none
Mono Mix:09A,09B,10A,10B,13A,13B,14A,15A,15B,16A,16B

Part 05 : 1978-1980

01-18A:Rolling Stones RCII-2-5- I'm The Toughest (7') 3:53
02-18B:Rolling Stones RCII-2-6- I'm The Toughest Version (7') 4:40
03-19A:Rolling Stones RCII-2-7- Don't Look Back (7') 3:43
04-19B:Rolling Stones PSC - Soon Come (12') 3:55
05-19D:Rolling Stones DVDr - Don't Space Out 4:59
06-19E:Rolling Stones DVDr - Soon Come (long version) 5:13
07-21A:Rolling Stones RCII-2-8 - Buk-In Hamm Palace (7') 4:30
08-21B:Rolling Stones PSC - Recruiting Soldiers 4:24
09-21C:Rolling Stones DVDr - The Day The Dollar Die 4:43

Bonus Tracks:

10-18D:Rolling Stones RCII-2-17-I'm The Toughest Version (12') 5:59
11-19C:Rolling Stones PSC-Don't Look Back (12') 5:13
12-X1:Bamboo Reggae RCII-2-14-Puss And Dog 3:43
13-X2:Bamboo Reggae RCII-2-15-Silver And Gold 4:04

Additional Informations And Comments :

18A/18B: 7' mix. 18D: 12' mix
19A: with Mick Jagger
19C: 12' mix had same 19B on b-side on a NL 12'
19D/E: UK and Holland 12'
19D: a.k.a. Donīt Look Back (Dub Version)
21A: exists coupled with either 21B or 21C
X1,X2: Recorded in summer 1980, from UK Longplay release: Chris Hinze: Kings of Reggae, Bamboo Reggae, LP, 1983

1978:18A to 19D
1979:21A to 21C

All tracks unissued on this form :
Available on CD mix:18A,19B,19C,19D,21B,21C
Unissued edits:19A,21A
Never issued:18B,18D,19D,19E,X1,X2
Corrected speed:none
Noise reduction:none
Mono Mix:none

Part 06 : 1981-1987

01-22A:Intel-Diplo DVDr - Bombo Klaat 3:57
02-22B:Intel-Diplo SSK - Bombo Klaat Version 4:41
03-23A:EMI RCII-2-11- Nothing But Love 3:26
04-24A:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-16- Rock With Me 3:45
05- 24B:Intel-Diplo RCII-4-17- Rock With Me Version 3:44
06-26A:EMI PSC - Johnny B Goode 3:58
07-26B:EMI PSC - Peace Treaty 4:07
08-27A:EMI RCII-4-15- Where You Gonna Run (7') 3:46
09-27B:EMI DVDr - Stop That Train 3:59
10-30A:EMI DVDr - Mama Africa (7') 3:42
11-30B:EMI DVDr - Not Gonna Give It Up (7') 4:00
12-31A:EMI DVDr - Come Together 4:14
13-31B:EMI DVDr - In My Song 4:04

Bonus Tracks:

14-26C:EMI DVDr- Johnny B Goode (12') 6:56
15-27C:EMI DVDr- Where You Gonna Run (12') 6:32

Additional Informations And Comments :

23A: issued with Cold Blood, or with Bombo Klaat
24A/24B: last Intel-Diplo single

1981:22A to 24B
1982/83:26A to 30B
1985/87:31A to 31B

All tracks unissued on this form :
Available on CD mix:24A,26A,26C,27B,27C,30A,31A
Unissued edits:22A,23A,26B,27A,30B
Never issued:22B,24B
Corrected speed:26C,27B,27C
Noise reduction:none
Mono Mix:none

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