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Peter Tosh - Tour Dates -1979-09-22 Non-Nuclear Future Music Festival (No Nukes),Madison Square Garden, New York, Usa

Date : 1979-09-22
Concert : Non-Nuclear Future Music Festival (No Nukes),Madison Square Garden, New York, Usa
Source : Tape , Audience
Songs : 4
Lossless : Yes
Lenght : 23:22 mn

From Springsteenlyrics dot com :

"Saturday 22 September, Peter Tosh, who exuberantly performs twenty minutes of reggae, lopes back and forth across the stage in a burnoose and fares better, as does Tom Petty."

A bit of history about this concert :

No Nukes: The Muse Concerts For a Non-Nuclear Future was a 1979 triple live album that contained selections from the September 1979, Madison Square Garden concerts
by the Musicians United for Safe Energy collective, with Jackson Browne, Graham Nash, Bonnie Raitt, and John Hall being the key organizers of the event and guiding forces behind the album.

No Nukes/The MUSE Concerts for a Non-Nuclear Future featured a line-up including Bruce Springsteen, The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Ry Cooder, Chaka Khan, Peter Tosh, and Tom Petty, among others.
The date of this event being from 19 September to 23 September 1979.

The album, which includes Jackson's "Before The Deluge," climbed to number 23 on Billboard's pop chart, a major feat for a triple album. Currently, Browne, Raitt and Nash are mobilizing behind

Informations About The Setlist :

01-pick myself up 4:47
02-african 5:48
03-dont look back 5:49
04-get up stand up 6:56

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Press Articles published inside the Ottawa Citizen newpaper, 1979-09-21
- Not Complete
- Thanks To Anton, Was1
- Ticket scan is real coming from a Bruce Springsteen fan site
- Video Excerpts from this concert can be seen inside the excellent 'Peter Tosh Ultimate Box Set' released by Shanachie Records

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