Peter Tosh
Children Of The Ghetto
Peter Tosh - Children Of The Ghetto - 1979-08-1X Interview With Jeanne Beker , Toronto, Canada

Date : 1979-08
Name : Interview With Jeanne Beker , Toronto, Canada
Source : Video Source
Songs : - Interview
Lossless : Yes
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Lenght : 31:47 mn

Informations About The Interview :

Original Notes :

Whole interview held in Montreal or Toronto, I still can't figure it out.
The documentary starts with Peter riding his unicycle in Toronto's streets,
He explains when he began to ride...He was really a master at it!!
Then the interview starts with Peter playing acoustic guitar.

He talks about problems at Canadian border, about herb , reggae music issue.
He speaks about his collaboration with the Stones, and more specifically about Keith Richards
and his ability to play reggae. Then it ends with creation acoustic.
There is a little excerpt at the end of redX documentary where he speaks about victimisation.
It also appears in the soul in the city documentary broadcasted in Canada in 1987.

Updated Notes:

Interviewer being Jeanne Beker. The interview took place in Toronto, it was for Jeanne Beker's 'The NewMusic' program, aired on canadian Citytv's channel
This document was aired also in 1987 onto Sky Channel as a tribute after the passing of Peter Tosh.

“Many people's searches takes them to the grave; my search takes me to life.
My search teaches me to kill death, to frustrate frustration, madden madness and to assassinate the assassinator.” - Peter Tosh

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Thanks To Anton

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