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Peter Tosh - 1973-05-01 Old Grey Whistle Test TV Program

Date : 1973-05-01 Old Grey Whistle Test TV Program
Source : Tape / Radio Broadcast / Tv Broadcast
Songs : 2
Lossless : Yes

The Old Grey Whistle Test first went on air in September 1971 and became one of the most influential music shows for a generation.
When the Old Grey Whistle Test went on air in 1971 it was unique.

In a world accustomed to Top of the Pops, here was a show on which the bands performed album tracks and were interviewed after they had played.

The titles sequence featured an animation of a man kicking a star.
He was to become affectionately known as The Starkicker.

The show's title music, with it's distinctive harmonica, was a track called Stone Fox Chase by a Nashville band, Area code 615.

When bands were performing the sound was often so loud that the camera crew could not hear what the director was saying in their headphones.

The programme makers continually broke new ground.
The first ever 'simulcast' of radio and television , the first live transatlantic broadcast of a rock concert and the television coverage of Live Aid
were all achieved by the Whistle Test team.

Originally the two parts of the programme were separated by a 30 minute news broadcast

Sadly, the programme is no more, having ended it's run in 1987

Informations About The Setlist : (Various sources existing)

01-concrete jungle
02-stir it up

Additional Informations And Comments :

- Exist as official Release.

- Sequence of this video recording were used inside the 'Catch A Fire' dvd and also inside others documentaries.

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